Links I love March 2018


It’s time to make yourself some lemon tea, put your feet up and do a quick scan of some interesting online reads for March.  Here’s three I think you’ll like.


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What to do when things are going well? Here’s 10 hints to keep you smiling….


happy swing picWhat to do when things are going WELL ? Yep, you read that right.  No crisis or hostilities to manage. Just an outbreak of cooperation. Does such a state really exist?  And how do you get things to go well in the first place ?

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The power of a good morning…


A friend recently commented on the disappointing habit that her managers and colleagues have of arriving for work without so much as a “hi” or a “good morning” to those around them.  So why the silence ?  And does it really matter ?

If we accept the principle that the mood of the leader is contagious, then yes, it really does matter.  Acknowledging the presence of others is basic Communication 101.  And because every interaction counts, then it follows that starting the day with a dose of common courtesy is a good thing.  There are no budget cuts on communication, courtesy and feedback.  They are, and always have been, FREE.

‘Courtesy and feedback  between colleagues, especially leaders and their direct reports, are  massively under utilised in the work place.

Those who master the art of setting the scene for a great day from the moment they enter a shared work space are making a terrific contribution to the prevailing culture.

Try it – I challenge you to set a positive tone in your workspace.  Having a good day is a choice, and it can start with a simple ‘good morning’.

For a good discussion on the topic of mood, leadership and contagion see: 



Hello January my old friend


It’s been a while since I first observed the tribe of January people and longingly gazed at their disciplined approach to their health. Two years have passed since I wrote that blog post. Here’s the update on how life has changed, and which approaches are – finally – delivering the results I’ve craved.088 Continue reading

Career wise, is it time to move along ?

But how best to decide “where to next ?” How many people can declare that they do paid work that they truly love ? You may have options, but they’re not always clearly signposted.1833

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